Supported Browsers

All internet accessible DIMDI applications (including applications for PharmNet.Bund) are primarily developed and tested on basis of the browsers Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

It should be possible to use any current browser supporting the HTML 4 standard, cascading style sheets and JavaScript. It is however not possible for us to test and ensure the compatibility of each combination of browser and operating system. If a specific browser is explicitly not supported by us, you will be notified at application startup.

Browsers for Microsoft operating systems starting from Windows 7

Browsers for the operating systems Mac OS, Linux and similar

Please mind the manufacturer's information. Not all programs and/or versions are homogeneously available for the different operating systems and/or versions.

Pop-up blocker: Filtering software against internet advertisement

The use of filter software against internet advertisement, in particular of so-called Pop-up blockers to suppress unsolicited browser windows, may interfere with the access and during the use of our applications!

It is not necessary to inactivate filters completely. However, opening of Pop-up windows from for the following servers must be permitted in all active filters during the use of our applications:

  • either as general permission for "*" and "*"
  • or with special exception rules for "" and ""
  • Note the fact that unencrypted (http://) and encrypted (https://) connections might have to be treated separately.

Note that Pop-up blockers can be implemented in different places and might be active simultaneously!

  • feature of the web browser
  • feature of a web browser extension: Add-on, plugin or toolbar (in particular "Google toolbar" and "Yahoo toolbar")
  • feature of a locally installed filter-software
  • feature of an integrated internet security package or a virus scanner with extended function range
  • feature of a proxy server that is locally installed or integrated within your network

Further Browser Settings

The following settings are necessary for the unrestricted use and correct display of the DIMDI research applications:

  • JavaScript: In order to ensure a faultless function, JavaScript must be activated in the web browser during the use of our applications. The use of Javascript must not be prevented by other mechanisms (see section "Pop-up blocker").
  • Cookies: In order to ensure faultless functioning, the usage of cookies has to be enabled in the web browser. Cookies are small data packages needed for the information management within a user session. No personal data will be read from your computer system, transported to or stored at DIMDI.
  • TLS-encryption: Data transmittion to and from the research applications is encrypted to prevent spying on transmitted information. When using a proxy server, it has to be configured for the encryption procedure.
  • Proxy server: When using a proxy server, it has to be configured for the encryption procedure. Pop-up windows must not be filtered by any proxy server.

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