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How do I find a reputable online pharmacy?
What does the encrypted information on my certificate of incapacity for work mean?
Is there an ongoing clinical trial that is suitable for me?
What is the sperm donor registry?
You can find information and explanations on these and other questions here.

In the German Register of Online Medicine Retailers, you can find pharmacies and other medicine retailers that are officially authorised for the mail order trade. Registered retailers have to display the EU security logo.

The statutory health insurance companies only pay a fixed amount for certain drugs. If the selling price is higher, you as patient pay the difference. In the reference price database you will find the drugs with a reference price and suitable comparable products.

On your disability certificate your illness is encrypted with ICD-10 codes. You can use the ICD-10 code search to decode the diagnoses.

In the nationwide sperm donor register children conceived after July 2018 by medically assisted artificial insemination can learn about who their biological father is.

The German Clinical Trials Register (DRKS) is responsible for the registration of all patient-oriented clinical studies conducted in Germany. You can register your own study in the DRKS, search for studies free of charge and thus obtain an up-to-date overview of the studies carried out.

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