Code-Search ICD-10-WHO online

The ICD-10-WHO online version is compiled from approx. 300 single files which are inter-linked extensively to ensure comfortable navigation. The integrated code-search enables fast location of the code you are looking for.

The ICD-10-WHO online version is only available in German language.

Textsearch can be accessed via the hot keys ctrg+f. If you want to search the whole classification you can do so with the DIMDI-Websitesearch.

If you like this way to read ICD, you can transfer the files to your computer and use them offline:  Downloads ICD-10-WHO  (in German language).

Previous Revisions: ICD-9, ICD-8, ICD-6

There is not any integrated Code-search in ICD-6, ICD-8 und ICD-9. There are 4 files for ICD-9.