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UMDNS - Universal Medical Device Nomenclature System

ECRI Institute, USA  developed UMDNS with the object of coding medical devices. UMDNS is updated annually, i.e. new terms can be added, obsolete terms may be deleted and existing terms may be modified. For detailed information see the website of ECRI Institute.

The 1996 English-language version of UMDNS was translated into German. DIMDI published two versions. Version 1.0 contains the Preferred Terms, in version 1.1 synonyms are also included. Version 1.0 has been integrated into the web-based data input system of DIMDI as the official nomenclature for naming medical devices, excluding in vitro diagnostics.

The European Commission recommends that the UMDNS be used within the Regulatory Data Exchange System as an interim nomenclature until the Global Medical Device Nomenclature GMDN is available in the major languages of the EU. For detailed information see the website of GMDN Agency.

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