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Iris is maintained by the Iris Core Group in the realm of the Iris Institute. The maintenance supported by the member countries of the Iris Core Group can only be limited and restricted to the basic updates necessary and will not cover the implementation in other countries.

In order to give users the opportunity to contribute to the maintenance and update of the Iris system and thereby guarantee the long term availability of the Iris software a support model was put in place. Contributing to the Iris development by agreeing to support Iris will give you two advantages:

  • Support Iris: You will help to guarantee availability and up-to-date software that is adapted to ICD updates and software evolvements.
  • Receive support: Additional benefits for your country as listed below will help you to implement Iris in your country.

All financial support received by the Iris Institute will be used to maintain, update and further evolve the Iris software.

Are you interested in supporting Iris? There are two levels of support:

ServicesSupport Model 1Support Model 2
Support by e-mail: Advice and support concerning the application and installation of the most recent version of the Iris software Yes Yes
Reduced training cost: overhead of 800 € will be reduced to: (see separate training conditions (PDF, 536 kB)) – (excluding taxes) 400 € 0 €
Free User Group Meeting for up to three participants (regular meeting fee amounts to 300 €) No Yes
Preferred registration to User Group Meetings (in case of too many registrations for a User Group Meeting, participants with support model 2 will be prioritized) No Yes
Preferred access to training (in case of too many requests for training, institutions with support model 2 will be prioritized) No Yes
Earlier access to new versions of Iris software and underlying tables No Yes
Access to Source Code of Iris if the Iris Institute is dissolved (because no Core Group member declares itself willing to host the Iris institute in the future) No Yes
Annual support – (excluding taxes) 5.000 € 10.000 €

For more information about the support model and application for support, please contact us:

Contact DIMDI - Iris Institute