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Iris Institute

The Iris Institute emerged from an international cooperation for the deployment, maintenance and development of the Iris software, an electronic system for automated coding of causes of death. The increasing international interest in the Iris software has made it necessary to provide an institutional foundation to secure the supply and support of the Iris software. Consequently the cooperating partners from France, Italy, Hungary and Sweden approached the DIMDI with the request to establish the Iris Institute.

Currently the following institutions have joined the cooperation: Logo: IRIS Institute

The Iris Institute is an international cooperation of the above mentioned institutions which you can contact at:

Contact DIMDI - Iris Institute

About Iris

Iris is an automatic system for coding multiple causes of death and for the selection of the underlying cause of death. Read more about Iris.


The Iris Institute informs users on recent developments, new files for download and offers a newsletter. Read news and subscribe to Newsletter.

Downloadcenter Iris

In our Downloadcenter you will find the Iris software in its current version as well as previous versions for reference purpose. The Iris manual holds a detailed documentation of the software, its installation and use. Furthermore you can download helpful presentations that will give you some basic ideas on the use of Iris.

Downloadcenter Iris

Events and Trainings

The Iris Institute hosts regular meetings of the Iris user group and of the core group. Additionally training on the use of Iris is offered based on demand. Read more about events and trainings.