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Events and Trainings

Are you interested in an Iris training? We can coordinate a training program for you.

Training Offer

You can choose between different training packages dependent on your training requirements:

  1. Iris background
  2. Iris installation stand alone or network, setting options
  3. Iris use
  4. Dictionary and language standardisation
  5. Iris technical aspects
  6. Interactive coding with Iris
  7. Iris advanced coding topics
  8. Switching from Iris version 4 to Iris version 5
  9. Introduction to Iris

You will find the full description of the training packages in the file General training conditions and specifications (PDF, 536 kB). If you need another kind of training program, please let us know and we will check if respective trainers can be found.

If you are interested in a training program, please contact us:
Contact DIMDI - Iris Institute

Iris User Group Meeting

20 - 21 November 2018: Iris User Group Meeting in Cologne

Information Iris User Group Meeting

Iris Training

19 November 2018: Technical Iris training in Cologne

22 - 23 November 2018: Coding training in Cologne

Information Iris Training

Training Course on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems

The International Statistics Program has developed a training course on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) Systems to provide information to epidemiologists, statisticians, demographers, and others working in public health about vital statistics data gathered from a national civil registration system. Read more about the training course.