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Code-Search in ICF online

On this page you will find the online version of the International Classification of functioning, Disability and Health ICF in German language.

The ICF online version is compiled from approx. 100 single files which are inter-linked to ensure comfortable navigation. The integrated code-search enables fast location of the code you are looking for.

The ICF online version is only available in German language.

Textsearch can be accessed via the hot keys ctrg+f. If you want to search the whole classification you can do so for the most recent version: In the upper right corner, just below the picture you can see the DIMDI-Websitesearch. Open the expanded search by clicking on "go". Enter the text you are looking for in the field "search query" and choose the version you want to research in the drop down list from the field "search".

Please note: All rights to ICF, including the German translation, remain with the WHO:


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