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ATC-Classification with Defined Daily Doses

DIMDI publishes the annually updated official version of the German Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC)-Classification with defined daily doses (DDD) since January 1st, 2004.

You can download a PDF file of the official German ATC-Classification (in German) for free:

ATC/DDD as PDF file for free at downloadcenter Classification

You can download an Excel file of the official ATC-Classification with DDD from the WldO website (on the right side below "Downloads") for free:

ATC/DDD as Excel file for free at WIdO

It is pointed out that in case of probable differences only the PDF file is binding which can be downloaded from the DIMDI website via the above mentioned link.


In the ATC-Classification substances are divided into different groups according to the organ or organ system which they affect and their chemical, pharmacological and therapeutic properties.
A defined daily dose is assigned to each active substance. Defined daily doses (DDD) are the assumed average daily maintenance dose for the main indication of each substance in adults.

Legal Background

DIMDI publishes the annually updated official version of the German ATC-Classification with defined daily doses according to § 73 Section 8 of the Fifth Book of the Social Security Statutes (SGB V) since January 1st, 2004.

According to the legal regulation [§ 73 Section 8 of the Fifth Book of the Social Security Statutes (SGB V)], the ATC-Classification with defined daily doses has to be adapted to the specifics of the maintenance situation in Germany. This adaption has to take place on the basis of an appropriate, transparent and rule-bound procedure for the classification of active substances which is converted properly and regarding to the purpose of the classification at a maintainable effort.
The "Gemeinsame Bundesausschuss" (Federal Joint Committee) has to incorporate information about medicinal products and adjuvant substances in its guidelines (according to § 92 section 1, phrase 2, no. 6 SGB V) which enables the CHI (compulsory health insurance) physician to compare prices between different medicinal products according to their section of indication and groups of active substance (according to § 92 section 2 SGB V). The costs of the medicinal products per daily dose are to be indicated according to the specifications of the ATC-Classification (§ 73 section 8 SGB V).

The utilisation of the ATC-Classification with defined daily doses serves as an easing of comparisons between drugs and guarantees a standardised reference for the specification of daily treatment expenses. The specifications of the defined daily doses thereby act as an auxiliary value. They do not necessarily need to reflect the recommended approved or the individually applied dosage of a medicinal product. This also applies to the daily therapy costs calculated on this basis, which represent only a rough auxiliary value as well.