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Ongoing HTA and Evidence Projects

For current projects and reports, we make use of external professional assistance.

No. Title
hta306 Measurement of the quality of care for rheumatics in an ambulant setting
hta340 Evaluation of nursing standards with regard to stationary or ambulatory care (professional care/care by relatives)
hta350 Gender-specific differences of drug effects with regard to age groups
hta358 Diagnosis of arteriosclerosis: Medical benefit of the evidence for asymptomatic arteriosclerosis
hta360 Perioperative antibiotics prophylaxis in relation to the drug administration time and the kind of the vascular prosthesis
hta361 Mistletoe therapy with mamma carcinoma
hta461 Music therapy - Depressive young persons
hta462 Logopedics with aphasics
hta463 Measures of workplace health management
hta464 Exposure to radiation
hta500 Smoking in public areas
hta502 Adiposity and school prevention programmes
hta503 Effects of caesarian sections
hta505 Inequalities in rehabilitation
hta506 Coping strategies
hta507 Occupational therapy
hta508 Effects of life style changes in persons with prediabetes