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HTA Glossary

An international working group led by INAHTA and HTAi maintains an international glossary of HTA terms in English, French and Spanish. Since 2013 the glossary has also been available in Portuguese and German. The German translation is maintained by DIMDI in cooperation with authorities in Switzerland (BAG) and Austria (GÖGmbH). In Germany the following organisations are involved: DAHTA, GMDS, DNEbM and the HTA Association.

Their common concept is to extensively involve the HTA community in the German-speaking region in this project: Therefore, support with the translation is welcome, as well as proposals for new glossary terms. The goal is standardised translations for the German-speaking world. Furthermore, German language concepts are also to be made available in other languages.

The German language HTA glossary maintains a chief editorial office, to which the official partners of the three countries belong. It is supported by a commission of experts who are proposed by the HTA professional associations. The coordination and linguistic representation on the International Steering Committee are the responsibility of the DAHTA.


Logo: German Agency for HTA (DAHTA at DIMDI)   Logo: Health Austria (Gesundheit Österreich GmbH [GÖG]), Austria   Logo: The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), Switzerland





Participants and workflow for the HTA glossary (PDF, 677 KB)

Would you like to participate in the HTA glossary?

Register with us to participate in the German HTA glossary. You will be involved in accordance with your wishes in the review process of the German translation and can propose new terms (in German and English).

Register to participate in the HTA glossary (in German)