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The Organisational Structure of DIMDI

156 employees are employed in three different departments and associated working groups: 69 staff members in the Department M are occupied with textual questions, the Department for information technology is working on the technical implementation and control with their 59 co-workers. DIMDI gets its organisational support from 24 employees of the Administration Department. For the direction of the institute are working 4 employees (Status: January 2018).

Organigram/organisation chart of DIMDI (PDF, 128 kB)


Dr. Dietrich Kaiser

IT Security and Data Protection:  Dr. Jochen Fingberg

  • Information System Health Care Data (Data Transparency) - Trust Center

Department V: Administration

Head: Ursula Theelen

V1 - Organisation and Internal Services: Kathrin Potthoff

V2 - Financing and Cost Activity Accounting: Kirsten Gödecker

V3 - Human Resources and Legal Affairs: Markus Postulka

Department M: Medical Information

Head: Dr. Michael Schopen

M1 - Communication and Interdisciplinary Tasks*: Sven Borowski

M2 - Information Systems for Drugs and Medical Devices: Dr. Barbara Höfgen

M3 - Medical Vocabularies: Dr. Stefanie Weber

M4 - Information System Health Care Data (Data Transparency), Data Processing Center: Dr. Jochen Dreß

Project Group: Education and Admission to Health Professions: Dr. Michael Schopen**

Department IT: Information Technology

Head: Dr. Markus Plagge

IT1 - Applications and Databases: Dr. Andreas Dabringhaus

IT2 - Software Development: Ursula Reimer

IT3 - IT Operations and Services: Frank Lenzen



Equal Opportunities Representative: Gabriele Schilling

Data Protection Officer: Dr. Jochen Fingberg

Contact Person for the Prevention of Corruption: Ursula Theelen

Inclusion Representative: Markus Postulka

Staff Council Chairman: Dr. Peter Krämer

Disabled Employees Representative: Tanja Dietrich

Youth and Apprentice Representative: Nadine Quilitz


* =  including DRKS project group

** delegated with management functions