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Downloadcenter Iris

Through version 4 the Iris software uses components of the Mortality Medical Data System (MMDS). You have to install the MMDS before you use the Iris software. The MMDS has been developed by the National Centre for Health Statistics (NCHS). Micar and Acme are two components of MMDS and they are used by Iris. This means that the MMDS must be installed to use Iris. MMDS is a free software and can be downloaded at

Select the year of MMDS according to the year of death. For the years 2012 and continuous install the MMDS version of 2011 and update the data with the downloaded tables from the Iris Downloadcenter. For more information about MMDS see

By using the search function you can find the latest releases of Iris and documents for download. Furthermore, it is possible to search by date and text.