The Organisational Structure of DIMDI

More than 150 employees work in three different departments and associated working groups: staff members in the Department of Medicinal Information are occupied with textual questions, the Department for information technology is working on the technical implementation and control. DIMDI gets its organisational support from the Administration Department. 


Dr. Dietrich Kaiser

IT Security and Data Protection: Dr. Jochen Fingberg
Information System Health Care Data (Data Transparency) - Trust Center

Department V: Administration

Head: Ursula Theelen

V1 - Organisation and Internal Services: Kathrin Potthoff
V2 - Financing and Cost Activity Accounting: Ilona Franke***
V3 - Human Resources and Legal Affairs: Markus Postulka
Internal Auditing: N.N.

Department M: Medical Information

Head: Dr. Michael Schopen

M1 - Communication and Interdisciplinary Tasks*: Sven Borowski
M2 - Information Systems for Drugs and Medical Devices: Dr. Barbara Höfgen
M3 - Medical Vocabularies: Dr. Stefanie Weber
M4 - Information System Health Care Data (Data Transparency), Data Processing Center: Dr. Jochen Dreß
Project Group: Education and Admission to Health Professions: Dr. Michael Schopen**

Department IT: Information Technology

Head: Dr. Markus Plagge

IT1 - Applications and Databases: Dr. Andreas Dabringhaus
IT2 - Software Development: Ursula Reimer
IT3 - IT Operations and Services: Frank Lenzen


Equal Opportunities Representative: Gabriele Schilling
Data Protection Officer: Dr. Jochen Fingberg
Contact Person for the Prevention of Corruption: Eva Pusch
Inclusion Representative: Markus Postulka
Staff Council Chairman: Dr. Peter Krämer
Disabled Employees Representative: Tanja Dietrich
Youth and Apprentice Representative: N.N.

* =  including DRKS project group
** delegated with management functions
*** = comm. head of unit