DIMDI is a subordinate authority of the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG). At DIMDI, the employees work in three different departments and associated departments. The Advisory Board at DIMDI has the task of advising DIMDI on the implementation of its tasks. In addition, DIMDI works closely with other federal and state authorities as well as national and international public institutions.

More than 150 employees work in the three departments Medical Information, Information Technology and Administration.

The BMG is responsible for a large number of policy areas and focuses on drafting laws, ordinances and administrative regulations. The institutes BfArM, BZgA, PEI and RKI also belong to the division of the BMG.

The members of the Advisory Council usually meet at DIMDI twice a year for working sessions in order to advise the institute on the realisation of its tasks.

DIMDI closely collaborates with other institutes of the BMG in all areas, other federal and state authorities, as well as national and international public organisations: