Laws, ordinances, guidelines

The tasks of DIMDI are based on the statutory remit and associated regulations as well as individual contract from the German Federal Ministry of Health. The core tasks are as follows:

Publication of official classifications for the German-speaking countries such as ICD-10-WHO for encoding of causes of death, ICD-10-GM and, ICD-O-3 and ICF for the encoding of diagnoses and OPS for surgical and other procedures. These are used for epidemiological purposes (e.g. causes of death), as the basis for the reimbursement system for German hospitals (G-DRG) and for the electronic exchange of medical data (see below for special classifications for medicinal drugs and products)

Maintenance of medical terminologies, thesauri, nomenclatures and catalogues such as ICF, MeSH, UMDNS, PCS, Alpha-ID, LOINC/RELMA, OID, also used for medical documentation and the electronic exchange of medial data (see also under classifications and information systems).

Drug Information System: Establishment and operation of a database-supported information system for medicinal products (including regulatory data), establishment and operation of statutory registers and the portal for drug information by the German Federal Government and the Federal States: PharmNet.Bund; in addition publication of the official ATC classification, of reference prices for medicinal products and of the German Register of Online Medicine Retailers with medicine retailers that are officially authorised for the mail order trade.

Medical Devices Information System: Establishment and operation of the database-supported information system for medical devices: online record of notifications, certificates, incidents, clinical investigations/ performance evaluations and automatic notification systems for the paperless processing of formal procedures between stakeholders (manufacturers, authorised parties, official authorities, etc.), including data backup systems.

Information System for Health Care Data (data transparency): Establishment and operation of an information system with pseudonymised care data of statutory health insurance members. Legally authorised institutions can apply for data analyses for specific purposes.

Information System on Health Technology Assessment (HTA): Establishment and operation of a database-supported information system with international HTA reports with assessments of health-relevant processes.

Supplementary databases for public research on the above topics with pharmacological and toxicological facts.

Services: For the operation and access to the information systems DIMDI develops modern software applications and operates its on IT centre. As an IT platform, DIMDI supports the entire portfolio of the German Federal Ministry of Health (internal information systems, operation of internet and intranet sites as well as special applications) and heads cross-departmental IT projects such as PharmNet.Bund.

The results from these various areas of responsibility overlap or complement each other with manifold interconnections. In all areas of responsibility, DIMDI works closely with national and international institutions, including the World Health Organisation and European authorities (cf. cooperation partners).