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New price model: Search in databases from 2019 on a flat rate basis

Nov 12, 2018
On 2 January 2019, DIMDI will introduce a new pricing system for database searches. Searches will then be invoiced using a flat rate price model. Paid services such as the public DIMDI drug and medical devices databases can then only be used via weekly or annual flat fees.

During the subscription period booked you have unlimited access to the respective databases with a flat fee.

You can already book the search flat fees via our new online system. Please note that the new packages will not be active until 2 January 2019.

The following variants are available: 

Database(s) Term 1 up to 9 weeks
Term of 1 year*
AMIS Public Part 59,49 € / week 594,99 € / year
ABDA database 83,30 € / week 833,00 € / year
Medical devices databases Public Part 14,28 € / week 142,80 € / year

* Annual flat fees are automatically extended for the following year if they are not terminated 3 months before they expire. 

All prices are understood to include the statutory value added tax of currently 19% applicable in Germany. Customers outside Germany will find the prices without VAT under Flat fees for database search.

You can pay by credit card, Giropay or invoice.

We offer the flat fees via a booking system. There you can extend individual flat rates or book additional ones.

Details, prices and access to the booking system can be found on the following pages:


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