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DIMDI website with a new look

Jul 16, 2018
DIMDI has a new internet presence. The institute thus makes access to its extensive range of medical and healthcare information easier and clearer. In addition to a more modern design, the main goals of the redesign were clear structures and the fast path to the information that was in demand.

The relaunch was preceded by intensive usability analyses of the pages and an onsite survey of visitors to the webpages. The result is a website that provides short access to content such as medical classifications, medical devices, drugs, health care data or the German Clinical Trials Register.

What's new?

  • New, target-group-oriented entrances give citizens and specialists direct access to information of interest to them: Laypersons can access reputable online pharmacies, the meaning of codes on their certificate of disability or current clinical studies with a single click. Specialists can find medical devices, ICD-10 or licensed drugs, for example, within a short distance.
  • Thanks to Responsive Design, the DIMDI web pages can now be used well on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones with a few exceptions such as the online classifications.
  • With the improved search, it is possible to narrow down more specifically to individual categories and content types, and the results are displayed more clearly.
  • The accessibility requirements have been implemented even more comprehensively in order to make the information equally accessible to all users.
  • The download areas of Drugs and Classifications have been structurally optimized to achieve shorter click paths.
  • The FAQs for ICD and OPS have been restructured: In addition to the general FAQs on classification, specific questions on individual codes can now be found in tabularly structured coding questions.
  • Access to the drug and medical device databases is now located directly in the relevant departments.
  • The newsletter DIMDI Aktuell has been optimized and modernized.

DIMDI will continue to optimize its website. As with the current relaunch, the institute will take up the experiences of its users and incorporate them into future adaptations.

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