Working Climate at DIMDI

Health at work

We want our employees to remain healthy. That is why we promote health in the workplace and offer, for example, ergonomic workplaces that can be adapted to individual needs. Occupational health and safety at DIMDI also ensures accident prevention and works closely with a company doctor, e.g. when preparing individual workplace analyses with specific recommendations. Our employees can use health promotion measures (especially back exercises). If they have a long-term illness, company integration management offers them early assistance or special work models to overcome their inability to work.

Communication and cooperation

We want our employees to be able to use their strengths according to the requirements of their jobs. Our employees contribute their skills to interdisciplinary teams and projects. We attach great importance to openness, communication and creativity among our employees. The philosophy of lifelong learning is specifically taken into account at DIMDI through individual further education and training planning.

Equality between women and men

The DIMDI has set itself the goal of professional equality between women and men. Equality is not only a legal obligation in DIMDI, but a matter of conviction: We want to make targeted use of the potential of women and men in all areas in order to meet the challenges of the present and the future. Our equality plan formulates objectives and measures for equal professional opportunities for women and men in order to improve the framework conditions for all, especially with regard to family responsibilities.
DIMDI Equality Plan (PDF, 60 kB, in German language)

Advanced training with concept

Further training measures at DIMDI are intended to expand not only professional qualifications but also personal key qualifications. The training concept serves as a central instrument for controlling the goals and measures of personnel development at DIMDI: comprehensive personnel planning, optimized personnel deployment and the promotion of all employees.