Alphabetical Index of OPS

The Alphabetical Index of the Tabular List of OPS is an important tool for working with OPS. In addition to an alphabetical list of operations and procedures, it also includes an introduction to the classification. The files are available from Downloads classifications under OPS - year in question - "Alphabet" (Alphabetical Index).

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The Alphabetical Index contains more terms than the Tabular List

The Alphabetical Index to OPS was first published for version 2.0. It contains almost all procedures and operations included in the Tabular List. The terms for procedures and operations in the Tabular List were translated into standard language texts.
In addition, the Alphabetical Index includes common synonyms for procedures as used in clinical practice; these synonyms are not included in the Tabular List.
These more than 41,000 procedural terms were checked for relevant search terms, resulting in more than 100,000 search entries in the book version.

The Alphabetical Index does not contain some of the codes in the Tabular List

Not all codes contained in the Tabular List are also included in the Alphabetical Index:

  • As a basic principle non-terminal codes are not included in the Alphabetical Index.
  • There are codes whose class text in the Tabular List includes unspecific information such as "sonstige" (other), "nicht näher bezeichnet - n.n.bez." (not otherwise specified - NOS) and "andere" (other measures). Such codes are included only in special cases e.g. if such codes have specific inclusion terms.

The Alphabetical Index as an important coding aid

In a practical example, we show you how to encode with the aid of the Alphabetical Index.