The International Statistical Classification of Diseases, German Modification (ICD-10-GM) is the official classification for diagnoses in outpatient and inpatient health care in Germany.

For some years now, work has been going on internationally on a fundamental 11th revision in parallel with the further development of the WHO ICD-10. The ICD-11 was released by the WHO in June 2018 and adopted by the WHA72 in May 2019.

The International Statistical Classification of Diseases by the WHO (ICD-10-WHO) is an official classification of diagnoses, in Germany mainly used to encode causes of death.

ICD-O-3 is a classification for neoplasms. Its topographical code encodes the site of the neoplasm, the histological code its cell profile and biological behaviour.

Alpha-ID is a non-classifying encoding system for diagnostic terms. It can also be used for medical documentation, because no information is lost in the encoding.

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