Data objects for efficient Software Communication in Telematics

The standardised exchange of health information requires distinct naming of objects and messages. Object Identifiers (OID) are number chains for the identification of these objects and messages, whereby objects are information units such as institutions, classifications, messages, documents or tables.


With the classification ICD-10-GM Version 2006, the flu can be displayed through proven avian flue viruses with the code J09 in XML Technology as follows:

< value code="J09" codeSystem=""/>

You can use these OID for the standardised data exchange between software systems and therefore enable the integration of further software products. During the Telematics Age this will render you with a competitive advantage and protect the investments of your customers. This specifically applies to the communication between different sectors such as clinics, practices and other health facilities.

Registration and research with BfArM

BfArM manages OID, which indicates that it is an object within ISO (1), Member (2), Germany (276), DIN-CERTCO (0), Health Care System (76). Administration and registration is conducted according to certain rules specified by DIN and ISO. Registration authorisations can be transferred to organisations, who on their part can act as registration centres.

The central and independent registration with BfArM guarantees the required administration and care of these identifications (OID) for the Health Care System.

Apply for an OID or conduct a search on the specified OID in order to integrate these into your systems.

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