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Guidance: User Code Application

To receive access to the Medical Devices Information System you need an individual access authorisation, consisting of the user code and the password. For security reasons, the user code is sent through the post, and the corresponding initial access password is sent per e-mail. The process of the application of a user code is explained in the following.

Click on "Access MD-Information System" on the start page "Medical Devices".

Screenshot: Guidance Sponsor - Access Medical Devices Information System


Click on the link "apply for a user code".

Screenshot: Guidance Sponsor - Login Medical Devices Information System


Fill the form with your address data and click on "weiter" (continue).

Screenshot: Guidance Sponsor - Usercode Application


The data you entered appears for verification in a new window. When you have checked the correctness of your data, click on "Absenden" (send). A confirmation will be shown that you have completed the process successfully. Close the process with "Beenden" (end).

Screenshot: Guidance Sponsor - Usercode Application