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Download of the German MeSH

The German MeSH can be downloaded for free from DIMDIs Downloadcenter. It is a bilingual version because in addition to the German descriptors their English equivalents are also included. The English version of MeSH is updated annually by the NLM. DIMDI transmits the update into German and the bilingual version is published free of charge at the beginning of the year.

Scope of delivery

The MeSH (German version) is available in two formats:

  • XML version
  • Database version in CSV format

You can use the demo versions to learn more about the formats.

  • MeSH 2018 demo version in XML format
  • MeSH 2018 demo version in CSV format

The XML file is very large and can only be usefully processed using XML compatible software. In selecting a suitable program you are not obliged to use this file format. For example, the data items must be dragged out using XSLT, when required for own applications.

The CSV format is suitable for import to relational database systems. The description of the data arrays and the requisite SQL instructions can be found in the supplied readme file.


Do you still have any questions or suggestions? Please contact us:

Phone: +49 221 4724-531
E-mail: MeSH