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Code-Search in previous versions of ICD-10-GM online

On this page you will find the previous online versions of the German modification of the classification for diagnosis, the ICD-10-GM (former ICD-10-SGB-V).

The ICD-10-GM online version is compiled from approx. 300 single files which are inter-linked extensively to ensure comfortable navigation. The integrated code-search enables fast location of the code you are looking for.

the ICD-10-GM online version is only available in German language.

Textsearch can be accessed via the hot keys ctrg+f.

Current Versions
ICD-10-GM 2016
ICD-10-GM 2015
ICD-10-GM 2014
ICD-10-GM 2013
ICD-10-GM 2012
ICD-10-GM 2011
ICD-10-GM 2010
ICD-10-GM 2009
ICD-10-GM 2008
ICD-10-GM 2007
ICD-10-GM 2006
ICD-10-GM 2005
ICD-10-GM 2004
ICD-10-SGB-V V2.0 (2001-2003)
ICD-10-SGB-V V1.3 (2000-2003)

Period of validity and  area of application are described in German language in the History - Version history.

If you like this way to read ICD-10-GM, you can transfer the files to your computer  and use them offline: ICD-10-GM at downloadcenter.