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Tips to help the search the DAHTA database for HTA reports

Search using keywords

  • Enter keywords
    • When you enter keywords substitute parts of the words by the wild card "?": "hear?", "?eart", "?ear?"
  • Choose in the first selection list
    • as entered
    • one of the words: the keywords are combined with OR for the search
    • all words: the keywords are combined with AND for the search
  • Choose in the second selection list
    • text fields (search in the fields title, full text, and abstract)
    • title
    • author: enter a name with "?" like as "droste?"
    • publication year: enter one or multiple years like as "2000" and select as entered or "2000 2001" and select one of the words
  • Start the search by clicking the button " search"

Further Tips

  • Get a list of all reports...
    All publications of the DAHTA database are assorted according to the publication year