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DIMDI Online Assistance

Are you experiencing problems when performing database searches, or do you have questions on the functions of our information systems? Our new DIMDI online assistance service allows us to view your screen despite the fact that we are at different locations, which means that we can help you quickly and efficiently.

Once you have accepted the exclusion clauses relating to data protection and liability, download the client software for DIMDI online assistance. To set up a connection, simply start the client software - no need to install the software on your PC. The client software supports all current Microsoft Windows versions (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7).

The DIMDI employee will provide you with a session number via telephone. After entering the session number, your screen and any other applications (where applicable) will be released for access by the DIMDI employee, who will then assist you with your questions and problems. The entire connection process is AES-256 encrypted.

Please read the declaration of consent as regards data protection principles and the exclusion of liability carefully. By downloading the software you consent to remote access to your computer.

Download Client-Software (EXE, 1,7 MB)