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German Register of Mail Order Pharmacies

Logo: the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG)

In the German Register of Mail Order Pharmacies, you can find pharmacies that are officially authorised for the mail order trade. It therefore contributes to more transparency in the mail order and Internet trade with medicine. Updated overviews show you at any time whether your mail order pharmacy is included.

Registered pharmacies are allowed to display the security logo illustrated on the left on this website.

Registered mail order pharmacies

Looking for details about a mail order pharmacy? In the register, you can find contact data with one or several Internet addresses of the pharmacy if applicable and of the respective competent supervisory authority in addition to the date of authorisation of the mail order permit. We update the overviews of all the pharmacies registered weekdayly. more »

Security logo

Registered pharmacies are allowed to display the security logo on their website(s). Clicking on the logo takes the user to the details of the pharmacy in the register. more »

Registration of pharmacies

Do you own a pharmacy with a mail order permit and the pharmacy is not yet included in the register? If so, please refer to your competent supervisory authority.

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